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Who We Serve

Whether working, soon-to-retire or long-retired, our clients have interests in a broad range of activities and occupations.  Within the mix are corporate and non-profit executives, professors, health care professionals, artists, musicians, writers, consultants, public servants and business owners. 

Our clients’ portfolios are comprised of assets that include cash, individual securities, mutual funds and real estate, held in either taxable accounts or tax-deferred retirement accounts, including employer-sponsored plans such as 401k’s and 403b’s, self-directed IRAs or other self-directed retirement plans of business owners, consultants and professionals in private practice.

Our clients share a blended interest in preserving their wealth and conservatively seeking growth and income. They find our balanced and moderately active approach to portfolio management prudent and beneficial.  Our clients value an ongoing professional relationship with a trusted investment and financial advisor who can tailor investment strategy and advice to their evolving and specific needs. 

Generally, our clients are annual retainer clients and have a net worth and, or, an investment portfolio in excess of a $1 million. Some have accumulated their wealth purely through earning and accumulation, while others were supplemented through inheritances, corporate buyouts, or other extraordinary, sudden windfalls. 

By referral, we also serve clients with limited needs for investment advisory service whom engage us for occasional financial check ups.

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