Who We Serve

We work with high net worth individuals, with very busy lives and complex financial circumstances.

Some have accumulated their wealth purely through earning and  accumulation, while others were supplemented through inheritances,  corporate buyouts, or other extraordinary, sudden windfalls.

While each of our clients is unique, they retain us to provide competent and efficient, professional wealth management.

Our wealth management services are particularly relevant for:


Blue chip companies dominate the portfolios we manage.  Blue chips generally sell high-quality, widely accepted products and services.   These companies are known to weather downturns and operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions, which helps to contribute to their long records of more stable growth. (1)   

 (1) Investopedia

Certain corporate professionals and executives have specific challenges arising from multi-faceted compensation packages that may include restricted stock, incentive stock options, 401lk plans, deferred compensation plans and/or employee stock purchase plans. With technical expertise in all these areas, we specialize in advising corporate professionals and executives as they navigate these unusual intricacies, incorporate tax considerations, meet tax requirements and manage investment portfolios.

The demands of running a profitable business or private practice is, by itself, a consuming endeavor. While providing sought-after services and/or products, profitable business owners and private practitioners have notable time limitations when it comes to in the challenges of tax planning, cash flow, insurance needs, retirement accounts and investment decisions. With our technical expertise, we are uniquely equipped to advise and assist business owners and private practitioners, with the often mind-boggling tasks of managing investment portfolios, projecting cash flow to meet tax responsibilities and the funding of retirement accounts, and other individual financial concerns.

When facing a divorce, diagnosis, inheritance or other windfall payout, many aspects of life change. Significant decisions must be addressed within complicated circumstances. Furthermore, instead of a short-lived event, the responsibilities and stresses often extend over a lengthy period of time. If the financial details aren’t complex enough, emotions and health matters may impede one’s ability to think clearly and effectively treat each concern or item that requires action. With our extensive experience and technical expertise, our services are a fitting solution to the myriad investment and financial decisions brought on by life transition.

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