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Personal Financial Advisory Services

On an annual retainer basis, Abunda Financial offers personal financial advisory services that may include financial, investment, tax and estate planning.

Financial Planning

Needs Analysis and Goal Setting

While financial independence may be your ultimate goal, we help you define and set attainable goals for the near term and for the future, to build your upside potential and mitigate your downside risk. Individual goals might include tax minimization, real estate ownership, retirement planning, insurance planning, saving for college education, and charitable giving.

Cash Flow Planning

Having an income is one thing.  Having an income stream that lasts and is available when you need it is another.  We help to analyze your cash needs and determine the appropriate level of cash to maintain within your portfolio.  We also can recommend investment vehicles for your cash, with the goal of maximizing your return while avoiding cash shortages.

Investment Counseling

Portfolio Analysis

Are your current investments appropriate to your risk tolerance, tax bracket and long-term goals? We help you to address these issues, and to ensure that your portfolio is well diversified and tailored to your unique circumstances.

Asset Allocation Strategy

Diversification appropriate to your investment horizon can enable you to reduce portfolio risk while helping you achieve your investment objectives. We show you how to balance your investments to hedge against extreme economic cycles and personal changes, while maximizing return potential.

Implementation Assistance

We analyze and monitor cost-efficient investment alternatives, including no-load mutual funds. We can make specific investment recommendations and execute transactions on your behalf.  For an additional fee, we also offer discretionary investment management services (i.e., the client authorizes the Firm to make all buy-sell decisions within the portfolio).

Mortgage and Debt Analysis

We provide analysis of various financing alternatives to determine suitable leverage and after-tax costs of specific loan alternatives.

Tax Planning & Services

Tax Services

We offer professional tax advice year-round, including tax minimization strategies and tax liability projections. We can advise you about organizational systems designed to maximize tax savings and minimize the effort required for maintenance.  We can provide tax representation in the case of tax audits, and upon request, we also can provide personal income tax preparation for our retainer clients.

Restricted Stock Units & Stock Options Analysis

For those receiving stock compensation from employers, we offer scenario analyses of the risks, rewards, vesting parameters and tax implications of alternative decisions for holders of restricted stock units, stock options, performance stock units, incentive stock options and other forms of employer stock compensation and benefits.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We help you to navigate the details of how you want your loved ones taken care of and your assets divided, with an emphasis on reducing estate taxes and probate costs. As needed, we provide consulting, advisory and referral services for situations requiring pertinent legal documents such as wills, durable powers of attorney, and trusts.

Complimentary Consultation

Prospective clients are invited to contact us to arrange a complimentary, confidential consultation. This consultation provides an opportunity to discuss your individual needs, circumstances, and investment objectives and to address any questions you may have about the services we provide.