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About Us

Abunda Financial LLC is a private, independent financial services firm.  We offer investment and wealth management services under a fee-only, annual retainer arrangement.  Combining our technical expertise with more than 30 years’ experience in security analysis, portfolio management and tax planning services, we work with clients to grow and preserve their wealth.

Investment Philosophy 
Abunda Financial adheres to the principles of maintaining a long haul – five years or more, not the next quarter. We do not attempt to mirror shorter term market movements.

Independent Analysis 
Abunda Financial’s security selection and portfolio development is based upon the firm’s own, independent assessment of investment merit. Abunda Financial has no affiliation with any investment bank or corporate finance organization, and receives no compensation by utilizing investments from any proprietary product mix.

Janet Campbell

Janet Campbell


Janet L. Campbell, CFA®, CFP®, and EA

Janet L. Campbell is the Founder, Owner, and Principal of Abunda Financial LLC.  She is passionate about providing top-quality advice to her clients and honoring the trust they place in her.

With more than 30 years of experience as an investment adviser, securities analyst, portfolio manager, financial and tax planning consultant, Janet enjoys solving the complicated financial puzzles that her clients present to her. Some of the work that she does on a regular basis includes:

  • Moving clients from vague, perplexed and immobilized to informed and clear, with actionable strategies
  • Projecting tax scenarios and formulating savvy strategies that blend tax minimization with tailored financial advice
  • Providing investment and portfolio recommendations to those with accumulated wealth — some on the verge of retiring and some already retired
  • Guiding and counseling mid-career professionals grappling with busy schedules, tax complexities, rising incomes, growing stock ownership, and potential inheritance 
  • Constructing investment portfolios that can weather the storms and encouraging clients to stay the course during inevitable periods of heightened stock market volatility
  • Serving as a trusted “go-to” resource for clients facing a variety of financial decisions as they navigate the everlasting waves of change

Janet has earned numerous certifications and licenses for personal finance:

Janet originally founded her the firm in 2001 as JL Campbell Financial, and subsequently renamed it to Abunda Financial in 2007.  Prior to starting the firm, Janet was an investor relations consultant in the software and telecommunications industries.  Before that, Janet was a securities analyst and Vice-President of Sutro & Co., Inc, where she gained expertise in hospitality and real estate investment vehicles and helped the firm to develop and maintain investment banking relationships.  Previously, Janet worked for several years as a Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager with various money management firms that served both institutional and individual clients, including Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

Janet earned a BA Degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.  Active with the California Alumni Association (CAA) in several capacities, Janet was awarded the Bradford S. King Award for Excellence in Service by a Young Alumnus.

Janet currently serves as a part-time instructor in personal finance at the College of Marin and University of California, San Diego Extension.

When she is not working, you will likely find her spending time with her family, enjoying her favorite sport tennis – playing it, watching professionals, and supporting her son’s love for the game, or experimenting in the kitchen with new plant-based recipes.

Linda Bock

Linda Bock

Linda Bock – Operations Coordinator

Linda may be the first voice you hear when you call Abunda Financial. She joined the company in 2018 and provides operational and administrative support. She loves working in a healthy atmosphere and finds working on Excel® spreadsheets to be rewarding. 

Linda’s job includes many responsibilities: customer service, client reports and communications, computer applications support, document management, and compliance assistance. She excels at customer service, has a keen eye for detail, has improved many parts of her job, and loves being productive and “in the flow” of her work.

Prior to working at Abunda Financial, Linda held executive administrative positions at two nonprofit associations and was a licensed Fire & Casualty Insurance agent for approximately 10 years in California. The County of Marin awarded Linda “Celebrating the Uncelebrated” award in 2017, and she repeated earned “Employee of the Month” awards in 2008-2017 from Community Action Marin.  

When Linda is not working, you might find her swimming, gardening, developing a new recipe, or enjoying Harleigh, her Russian Blue cat. She has also volunteered at the Humane Society, local library, and the Catholic and Hospice thrift stores.