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Tax Preparation Services

We know that tax time is probably not your favorite time of year!  We want to make it as pain-free as possible for you.  We can help you navigate the maze of forms, the jargon and acronyms, requirements and deadlines, and constantly changing tax laws so that you can be aware of the possible financial opportunities available to your circumstances.

Collaborative Tax Services

We’re committed to helping our clients keep their hard-earned money without paying a penny more in taxes than they are legally required to do.  And some of the biggest savings can come when we work together and plan ahead.

As a client, we help you through the following services:

  • Collaborate with your existing tax preparer, Enrolled Agent, CPA and/or attorney
  • Provide referral services to third parties for establishing and administration of individual and group retirement plans
  • Be available year-round to call or email for additional tax questions or services

Tax Return Preparation Services

On a limited basis, and upon request, we offer tax return preparation services to our full-retainer clients. Your situation is handled with the utmost confidentiality, privacy and care.