When Windfalls Happen

Clients often have complex needs and unique financial challenges when windfalls and major life events happen. Experienced in helping navigate these experiences, Abunda Financial specializes in helping clients simplify their financial lives and mitigate financial risks.

Our clients have retained us to help them avoid:

   •   Tax uncertainties and negative tax consequences

   •   Neglect of investment accounts and retirement plans

   •   Procrastination in planning and saving for family education

   •   Underinsurance

   •   Financial loss related to poorly informed investment decisions
       or unanticipated events (i.e. natural disasters, illness,
       disability, or fraud)

   •   Inattention to estate plans


Combining our technical expertise with more than 30 years’ experience in financial planning and investment services, we work with clients to build and preserve their wealth.

navigating windfalls